Curators' Notes

ADM Faculty Show 2015: Beyond the Horizon is a showcase of works by the full-time teaching faculty at the School of Art, Design & Media (ADM). In seeing them we gain insights into what is possible and actual presently, and what is imaginable in the future. This is the third faculty exhibition in the School’s decade-long history, bringing together more than 90 works by 57 faculty members across a broad spectrum of forms and media, from painting, sculpture, to book art, sound and robotic installations.

The rich content of this exhibition reflects the diversity in our faculty’s interests and backgrounds, illuminating topical issues as well as deeply subjective experiences. Our NTU students already know their professors as dedicated teachers in the fields of visual communication, film, animation, interactive media, photography, product design, and art history. This exhibition puts a spotlight on the wonderful works they have created - in their own right as professional artists, designers, filmmakers, critics, curators and scholars.

Many projects have garnered international awards and professional recognition, such as Ars Electronica, Red Dot and Academy Awards. A number are new works being shown for the first time, exploring new ideas and experimenting at the cutting-edge of new media technologies.

We are privileged to have an opportunity to show these innovative and engaging works as part of ADM’s 10th Anniversary celebrations. They widen and deepen the scope of creating and beholding art in the region of Southeast Asia. We hope that visitors will be equally inspired.

T.K. Sabapathy and Michelle Lim, Curators