The School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is proud to present Everything is Data, a collaborative exhibition with the Centre for Game Design Research, of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, at the School's ADM Gallery 2 from 14 August to 26 September 2015.

Focusing on digital technologies in art-making that permeate the boundaries between physical and virtual, and universal and personal, the exhibition features new works Mood of the Planet (Vibeke Sorensen, Singapore), Man A(Gibson/Martelli, UK) and Out of Space (Adam Nash & Stefan Greuter, Australia).

Together, they invite audiences to immerse themselves into new digital spaces of their own making, enticing viewers into a malleable world by drawing on the familiar tropes of place and time.  Engaging with digital technologies of communication and entertainment, and deploying acts of illusion and manipulation, the artists transform digital mediums into embodied datascapes.

Mood of the Planet is an interactive architectural installation in a form of a two-sided doorway that emits colored light and animates in reflection of the live emotions expressed by people all around the globe communicating through networks such as twitter. The doorway references developmental transformation and the metaphoric passing from one state to another.  It is also symbolic of growth and change that is analogous to the transformative effect that global communications technologies have upon our collective human condition. For the artist, it also also signifies human transformation of the environment, as this iconic form has been used architecturally across cultures throughout human history. ​

MAN A is a computer simulation, taking the procedural animation known as 'rag doll' to replace static death animations in first person shooter video gmes. Here the artist duo Gibson/Martelli create an endlessly collapsing rag doll figure. As a part of the MAN A series, the work takes military Dazzle camouflage as a point of departure. Unlike traditional camouflage which operates on the principle of concealment, dazzle camo uses complex arrangements of high-contrast, interrupted patterns of geometric shapes intended to confuse the calculation of a ship's range, speed and bearing in an enemy's optical gunnery rangefinder. MAN A creates a playful dialogue between machine-readable visual information and the primordial human impulse to recognise human figures in a landscape, motion-captured dance emerges from the patterns. ​

Out of Space is designed and programmed by Adam Nash, and is a playable abstract audiovisual virtual environment, using the Spacewalk system developed by Stefan Greuter. Immersed in an infinitely self-producing virtual space made of nothing but colour and sound, the visitor plays, flying and falling, creating little melodies and rhythms of sound and colour. Out of space, out of thin air, out of nothing, music and memories are made with virtual visions and vibrations. Art now is for play, for playing with, for playing.  Spacewalk, designed by Stefan Greuter, is a low cost experimental platform that enables participants to experience full-body immersion in virtual reality. The platform combines a commodity Head Mounted Display, with a depth based camera capturing movement of body and limbs within the space and makes Virtual Reality in small environments such as people's homes compelling, easy to setup and use.