What do we see when a ball is travelling through the air or rolling across a surface? Some may marvel at the effortless grace with which a simple object moves through space and time, but for most of us, a ball in motion is an ordinary occurrence bound by the laws of physics.

But it is more than that. The ball achieves momentum, gains speed, passes by and through the pressures that could slow it down or bring it to a halt. It becomes greater than a simple shape – it’s a circle, a wheel, a cell, an atom, an organism. It takes flight, it clashes and connects with others, and through that friction gains strength, intensity and direction. It is projected into the world; its reach and potential amplified.

This arc parallels the journey that students undertake at the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM). The pathway of the ball is a symbol of their growth and the amplification of their potential, which is showcased during the annual ADM show.

This year, the show’s identity uses a bold, deconstructed hybrid logotype, complemented with the image of a ball that projects the title of the exhibition. While the ball symbolises the possibilities of student potential, the letters in the typographic stack evoke dynamism and vibrancy. Between the division of lines and planes, the message behind the logo is simple: to project creative talent into the world – as our graduates will when they complete the final stage of their journey through ADM.

For more details, visit http://admgradshow.com/